Lifestyle Industry Group Fireside Chats! 1st Episode

The SMF’s Lifestyle Industry Group (LIG) launched the first episode of LIG Fireside Chats! with Founder and CEO of SKALE Ms Yuet Whey Siah on 22 April 2020. In this episode, Ms Yuet shared how retail businesses may capitalisenew opportunities and extract value from e-commerce channels to bounce-back even in times of crisis.

Combat the COVID-19 Crisis! Go Digital Today Webinar

The SMF’s Centre for Corporate Learning launched its first webinar in a series of webinars titled “Combat the COVID-19 Crisis! Go Digital Today” on 24 April 2020. The webinar came timely when the circuit breaker started and companies were scrambling to go digital for business survival. This webinar episode had speakers sharing ways to generate demand through digital marketing and available WSG programmes for SMEs through SMEC@SMF.