In this financial year, the SMF is honoured to meet with delegations from the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and Enterprise Singapore on separate occasions. These meetings are a testament of the SMF’s standing in the Singapore manufacturing sector and a recognition of the SMF’s efforts to help companies transform and emerge stronger.


On 3 August 2020, the SMF received the SBF’s new Chairman Mr Lim Ming Yan, who was elected in July 2020, and his delegation from the SBF. During the meeting, both Federations shared some possible collaborative opportunities that will benefit the business community during these challenging times.

This meeting also introduced new leaders of the Secretariat of both Federations – SMF Secretary-General Mr Lawrence Pek, who was officially appointed to office on 1 August 2020, and SBF Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mr Lam Yi Young, who will be succeeding Mr Ho Meng Kit as Chief Executive Officer from 1 January 2021.

The SMF then visited the SBF on 3 December 2020 as a reciprocal and continuation of the previous meeting at the SMF. During the meeting, both Federations gave an update to the programmes they have launched and how they may collaborate further to help the business community. The SMF also presented a memento to former SBF CEO Mr Ho Meng Kit to thank him for his service, helming the SBF over the years.

(From Left to Right) Mr Lawrence Pek (Secretary-General, SMF), Mr Douglas Foo (President, SMF), Mr Lim Ming Yan (Chairman, SBF), Mr Ho Meng Kit (Chief Executive Officer, SBF).

SMF President Mr Douglas Foo presented a token of appreciation to SBF Chairman Mr Lim Ming Yan (right).

The SMF visited the SBF as a reciprocal and a continuation of the previous meeting at the SMF.

The SMF presented a memento to former SBF CEO Mr Ho Meng Kit (left), to thank him for his service helming the SBF over the years


The SMF held a closed-door dialogue with Enterprise Singapore Chief Executive Officer Mr Png Cheong Boon and his team, together with SMF Council members, on 22 January 2021. Plans on how both organisations can further grow the manufacturing sector in Singapore through their joint efforts were the key topics for discussion. During the session, Mr Png acknowledged the support the SMF has provided to Enterprise Singapore. SMF Secretary-General Mr Lawrence Pek also shared some of the SMF’s initiatives and plans for the future where Mr Png expressed his excitement to see what will be in store for the SMF.

As the SMF is the largest trade federation that represents the manufacturing community, Enterprise Singapore commented that the SMF is in a good position to draw on others and leverage on leading companies to uplift weaker companies so as to strike a balance in the manufacturing community and grow as a whole. He also highlighted the importance of having foreign competition in Singapore to allow companies to know their competitors and ensure that every company in Singapore will prosper together.

The SMF held a closed door dialogue session with ESG, together with SMF Council members