Advanced Manufacturing Factory Filming

One of the SMF’s initiatives for this financial year was to profile and showcase advanced manufacturing capabilities, processes and the attractive working environment of SMF members. Adopting advanced manufacturing practices help companies drive overall productivity growth and attract talents. To showcase these companies, the SMF organised filming sessions with some of our SMF members, starting with members from the Food & Beverage Industry Group (FBIG), and was launched on the SMF’s YouTube and social media channels. Some of the companies the SMF featured were Baker’s Oven Patisseries, Lim Kee Food Manufacturing and Thong Siek Food Industry, among many others.

These companies used to do much of their production manually, but with the implementation of automation and digitalisation, they could upskill their manpower so that they could do more meaningful roles.

Baker’s Oven Patisseries automated Dough Machine to knead the dough.

Lim Kee Food Manufacturing manufactures a wide range of oriental food such as paus, lo mai kai and siew mai, using technologies to ensure consistencies

Thong Siek Food Industry automated their processes to increase productivity.