The SMF is one of the eight Approved-In-Principle (AIP) partners of Enterprise Singapore to promote and manage the Global Ready Talent (GRT). The GRT facilitates Singaporean/Singapore Permanent Resident undergraduate students from the Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore to perform their internships in local companies, particularly SMEs. The programme, formerly known as SME Talent Programme (STP), was enhanced by Enterprise Singapore on 1 April 2019 to include overseas internships (focusing on SEA, China and India) in addition to local internships.

For this Financial Year, the GRT supported over 1,000 local and overseas internships. 142 companies participated in the GRT, with 90% of the companies being SMEs*.

* < 200 staff OR < S$100m revenue

The SMF has played a crucial role in:
a) Promoting GRT and encouraging Singapore companies to be host companies for internship/ work opportunities
b) Profiling Singapore companies that are in the SMF’s network
c) GRT Administration
• Evaluate Singapore companies before on boarding process
• Advise companies on application and claims submission process
• Evaluate company application, job listing, internship placement and claims.


• 92.5% of GRT interns expressed satisfaction with the internship. 96% indicated they met their learning objectives.
• 93.2% of GRT interns felt their internship experience was relevant to their field of study.
• 93.8% of GRT interns would recommend their internship to another student.
• 51.8% of GRT interns and companies are considering a renewal in employment