The SMF launched a new taskforce – the Singapore COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Industry Taskforce (CDITF) on 25 August 2020. This is an initiative by the SMF Energy and Chemicals (E&C) Industry Group (IG), to establish a platform for the Cleaning, Disinfection and Hygiene industry. The taskforce discusses relevant issues pertaining to the industry, while promoting best practices and innovation to help the industry grow competitively amidst the pandemic. Through collaborations with government agencies and private institutions, the taskforce aims to educate the public on the safety and quality of products for consumers and institutional customers.

Since the launch of the CDITF, they have published a Disinfectant Industry Guidance, through collaborations with the National Environment Agency (NEA), with references to overseas standards such as the European Standard – EN 1040 and EN 13697.

The guidance serves as an informational guide to provide industry benchmarks for quality, safety and efficacy of surface disinfectants. While it does not replace any existing regulatory obligations, it provides additional information that may assist the industry in meeting existing regulatory obligations. The guidance also seeks to foster the appropriate use of products as directed. The Disinfectant Industry Guidance covers the following areas:

• Products to be excluded from the cleaning and disinfectant product list
• Safety measures to manufacture cleaning and disinfectant products
• Product quality management – maintaining standards of product quality
• General requirements for cleaning and disinfectant products
• Label requirements to display on cleaning and disinfectant products
• Claims advisory related to efficacy

The CDITF also held a webinar on 23 February 2021 to brief the industry about the Guidance and gather feedback. More than 70 participants attended the webinar, gaining insights on key issues such as the outlook scenario for demand and supply of disinfectant raw materials for 2021.

Dr Khoo Keng Meng from Lonza Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd gave a brief introduction of the taskforce during the webinar.

Ms Francia Solis from Vance Chemicals Pte Ltd, who is also the chairperson of the taskforce, gave an overview of the Disinfectant Guidance.