Mr Birch Sio
Concord Associates Pte Ltd

Deputy Chairman

Mr John Kong
M Metal Pte Ltd
(Resigned as of 31 July 2021)


Mr Low Beng Tin, PBM, BBM (L)
Assimilated Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

Mr Lawrence Pek
Singapore Manufacturing Federation

The SMF’s Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute (SiPi) provides ongoing support in driving manufacturing and operational excellence through innovation and productivity for the Singapore manufacturing community. Over the years, SiPi has assisted the SMF Centre for Corporate Learning (SMF CCL) to develop and incorporate the Business Model Innovation (BMI) methodology into a slew of training programmes, primarily for local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to transform their businesses with advanced manufacturing technologies and digitalised systems. This is with the aim to improve their productivity, lower their operating costs, and increase their revenue streams.

In the last financial year, over 1,000 SMEs benefitted from key programmes by SMF CCL. These programmes have incorporated SiPi’s BMI methodology, coupled with business process reengineering and job redesign. These programmes include:

• Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) Regional
• Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) Broad-Based Manufacturing
• SMEs Go Digital: Digital Project Management Service (DPMS)
• Business Modelling towards Industry 4.0
• Effective Implementation of Digitalisation through Business Modelling

Business Modelling Towards Industry 4.0 Webinar

Jointly presented by the Manufacturing Alliance Transformation Office (MATO) comprising the SMF, SGTech, and Singapore Industrial Automation Association, the Business Modelling Towards Industry 4.0 programme aims to provide participating companies with a good understanding of digitalisation and how Industry 4.0 can generate many different business models.

During the circuit breaker period, SiPi, through SMF CCL, moved the programme to the virtual realm and held a webinar session on 12 May 2020. During the webinar, trainers from SMF CCL shared the importance of pivoting the business model that can incorporate I 4.0 technologies, especially in a time when digital tools are heavily depended on for business continuity.

SiPi, through SMF CCL, shared the importance of ‘Business Modelling towards Industry 4.0 during a webinar held on 12 May 2020.