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Singapore Manufacturing Federation

For over five decades, the SMF has been providing training programmes to the Singapore business community. To enhance our training programmes, the SMF set up the SMF Centre for Corporate Learning (CCL) in 2010. It has since been instrumental in assisting the SMF to meet its mission of helping companies increase their competitiveness by equipping their employees with skillsets and knowledge to perform at optimum levels. With the belief that people are the most important asset of any organisation, and having built a wide range of comprehensive and holistic corporate learning programmes, the SMF CCL now extends its services beyond the manufacturing industries.


The SMF CCL is a one-stop business service provider, offering a holistic suite of training programmes including:

• Upgrading of skills of the manufacturing workforce
• Nurturing of T-Shaped skills for Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs)
• Driving Productivity Growth
• Seminars, Conferences and Workshops
• Customised In-House Training Solutions
• Career Services, Job Placements and Job Matching
• Training Needs Analysis
• Local & Overseas Training Consultancy

Providing Training and Support to Help Tide over a Major Crisis

Due to the slowdown of the economy, border closures, travel restrictions and safety measures in place to stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SMF CCL has been vigorously conducting a wide range of upskilling courses, professional conversions and place-andtrain programmes. These courses and programmes are conducted in support of various national initiatives to help organisations and the workforce to upgrade and transform, thus becoming more resilient and resourceful in reaching their business goals and personal objectives.

The SMF CCL expanded its collaboration with pre-approved solutions providers under the SMEs Go Digital programme to assist an increasing number of SMEs in tapping the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). This is to help with effective and timely implementation of digital solutions for productivity improvements and resiliency.

From April to August 2020, the SMF CCL intensively ran a series of webinars to guide SMEs to use digital systems in implementing their businesses as well as enabling their employees to work from home or have flexible work arrangements. The webinars attracted an attendance of over 1,000 SME representatives who were keen to find digital solutions for their businesses’ teething problems and pressing issues. The key takeaways for these SMEs included solutions to streamline business processes, e-commerce marketplace, cloud accounting systems, working remotely efficiently, and the availability of Government support schemes that can help SMEs to better sustain their operations and achieve business growth.

Taking a broad view of being future-ready and overcoming market challenges for businesses, as well as greater employability for individuals, the SMF CCL will continue to develop and implement more training and support programmes to help our nation and its people build a better, brighter future.

The SMF CCL held a series of webinars between April to August 2020, which benefitted more than 1,000 SMEs to transform their business digitally.

The SMF CCL held a webinar to share how companies may move their accounting system to the digital realm on 28 July 2020.

Mr Jim Giam, CEO of FirstCom Solutions Pte Ltd, shared the benefits of using e-commerce to drive and sustain businesses on 24 April 2020.