Lifestyle Industry Group Fireside Chats! Webinar Series

The SMF’s Lifestyle Industry Group (LIG) created a webinar series titled “LIG Fireside Chats!”, with the first episode broadcasted in April 2020 on the SMF Youtube channel. Garnering more than 400 views, this three-episode series had experts from SKALE, Singapore Institute of Retail Studies-Nanyang Polytechnic (SIRS-NYP), and LABHaus shared insights to grow businesses through digital transformation. The series was facilitated by LIG Chairman Mr Kimming Yap. To watch the series, click on the link here or scan the QR code.

The first episode had Founder and CEO of SKALE Ms Yuet Whey Siah sharing how retail businesses may bounce back even in times of crisis, by capitalising new opportunities and extract value from E-Commerce channels.

The second episode featured Digital Commerce Lead from SIRS-NYP Mr David Lee, where he shared ways to jumpstart a business through digital transformation

The third and final episode had Founder and Managing Principal Mr Steven Nebel share new ideas on designing seamless shopping experiences for post COVID-19 era.

LIG Fireside Chats! Panel Discussion

Continuing from the LIG Fireside Chats! Webinar series, the SMF’s LIG, in partnership with RHB Singapore, held a panel discussion on 27 November 2020 to discuss the topic, “How to grow your business in this current time of crisis”. LIG Chairman Mr Kimming Yap and panel experts from LABHaus, SKALE, and SIRS-NYP came together to give insights on the play between digital and brick-and-mortar retail for a more effective business setting, available grants and schemes for businesses to tap on, and also answer questions from the participants. Through this webinar, participants gained insights on identifying low hanging fruits by refocusing on customer relationship and experiences, thus unlocking value and efficiencies that translate to immediate sales for survival.

“Continuing the Journey Towards Zero Packaging Waste” PCS Conference

The SMF’s Packaging Council of Singapore (PCS) held its annual conference on 27 July 2020. Held online for the first time, the two-part conference titled “Continuing the Journey Towards Zero Packaging Waste” had speakers from various packaging companies and experts from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) share the importance of reducing packaging waste in Singapore and how companies may use sustainable packaging alternatives for their packaging needs. The panel discussion convened during the second part of the conference, which was held on 26 October 2020.

The panel discussion had experts from Nanyang Polytechnic, Sealed Air, and Magna International discuss various ways to adopt sustainable packaging. The panel also answered questions from attendees on achieving zero packaging waste and 3R goals.

(Top left to bottom right): Ms Chevady Chang (senior lecturer, School of Design, Nanyang Polytechnic), Dr Nelson Cheng (CEO, Magna International Pte Ltd), Mr Chee Yap (Executive Director for R&D, Sealed Air Corporation), and Mr Lloyd Lowe (PCS Committee Member) who is also the moderator in this panel.

BPCM IG Supported Fire Safety Webinar

The SMF’s Building Products and Construction Materials (BPCM) Industry Group (IG) supported the inaugural Fire Safety webinar by the National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) on 19 October 2020. Themed “Fire Safety in the New Normal”, the webinar provided a platform for subject matter experts to present and discuss fire safety related issues, including the latest technological development and gadgets.

BPCM IG’s First Deputy Chairman Mr Alan Lee was one of the panellists during the Q&A session, where participants had the opportunity to address their concerns on fire safety issues in Singapore. Some 2000 practitioners from the local fire safety fraternity such as Fire Safety Managers, Registered Inspectors (RI) and Fire Safety Engineers signed up for the webinar. Due to overwhelming response, a second session was held on 30 October 2020, which was also oversubscribed, having to turn away participants when it hits the limit of 2000 participants.

BPCM IG supported the “Fire Safety in the New Normal” webinar, which was organised by NFEC. BPCM IG’s First Deputy Chairman Mr Alan Lee (bottom left photo, extreme right) was part of the panel during the Q&A session.

Hiring in the Midst of the Pandemic Webinar

The SMF’s Human Resource Project Manager (HRPM) held a webinar that was jointly-organised with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) on 13 January 2021. Titled “Hiring in the Midst of the Pandemic”, companies got to learn about the hiring challenges in 2021 and solutions to resolve these challenges. Besides that, both ITE and SIM shared some internship programmes that companies could tap on to solve their manpower issues.

HRPM held a webinar with the ITE and SIM to share insights with companies on solutions to solve hiring challenges and internship programmes.

Medical Technology Industry Group (MTIG) Annual Dialogue Session

The SMF’s Medical Technology Industry Group (MTIG) held its annual dialogue session with Health Sciences Authority (HSA) CEO Dr Mimi Choong and the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed) on 18 January 2021.

During the session, Chairman for the Regulatory Sub-committee of MTIG, Mr James Chan gave a short introduction on MTIG, its mission, goals and upcoming initiatives. MTIG members also gave feedback on various issues such as allowing relief and extend deadlines for importers for stockholding and running down of stocks for masks and thermometers. They also shared the Mandatory Packaging Reporting (MPR) requirements to all Medical Technology stakeholders.

HSA presented key Initiatives that are related to COVID-19.

Post-Budget Insights Webinar

A post-budget insights Webinar was held on 12 March 2021 with Mr Shekhar Jaiswal, Head of Equity Research at RHB Singapore and Mr Rohan Solapurkar, Tax Partner in Singapore at Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services. The post-budget webinar followed after Singapore Deputy Prime Minister and then Minister for Finance, Mr Heng Swee Keat, delivered the Budget Statement in Parliament on 16 February 2021.

This webinar provided participants with insights such as Singapore’s market outlook in 2021 for different industries, budget changes and the impact it would have on corporate tax, and available government grants that businesses could tap on to help them overcome the challenges in the new normal.

(From top left to bottom right): Mr Euclid Tan (Business Advisor, SME Centre@SMF), Mr Ian Lee (Director, Membership and Industry Groups), Mr Shekhar Jaiswal (Head of Equity Research, RHB Singapore), and Mr Rohan Solapurkar (Tax Partner, Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services).

Business Transformation Made Easy for Operations & Supply Chain Professionals Webinar

The SMF’s Electrical, Electronics and Allied Industries (EEAI) IG organised a webinar titled “Business Transformation Made Easy for Operations & Supply Chain Professionals” on 18 March 2021, together with SAP Asia and Delaware.

This webinar had industry leaders shared the advent of technologies in this fourth Industrial Revolution. Technological advancements such as Internet of Things, 3D printing and mobile devices, have kept operations running during the pandemic and is critical for their crisis respondents.

Senior Solutions Director of SAP APJ Innnovation Office Mr Satya Sahu presented SAP’s role in the evolution of Industry 4.0.

Delaware’s Managing Director and Partner, Ms Yeo Pei Lin shared Delaware’s collaboration with Robovision.